10 Investment ideas for promised profit

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In today’s time when inflation is at its peak and economies are down due to such a huge pandemic, investments are important to save your future. But investment comes with lots of challenges, it can give you a huge loss sometimes. Investing is a real task where you need to understand and consider many options and then choose the one that suits you the best.

There are endless investment options available that can leave you confused and there are chances you end up with the wrong investment option. Here, we will discuss the top 10 investment ideas that will provide you with promising profit.

Top 10 Investment ideas

1. Stocks

Stock is the most popular and safe investment option. You simply buy the stocks of the companies and sell them when the price goes high. There are chances that the price drop and you face loss but if you trade smartly, you will definitely gain profit.

2. Bonds

Bonds mean you are lending money to an entity, either government or business. Company issues bonds and you get the interest payments. After the maturity of the bond, you will get the amount.


The return in bonds is less than what you get in stocks but it is safer than stocks.

3. Mutual Funds

Investors can invest in mutual funds and make money when the market goes up. You can buy them from managing firms or brokers. This investment involves risk but the risk is low because mutual funds are diversified.

4. Exchange-Trade Funds (ETFs)

If you are a new investor, ETF will work best for you because they are more diversified. If you choose the ETF that tracks a broad index, the risk can be decreased even further.  You can sell the ETFs when the price goes up and make money.

5. Certificate of Deposit

It is a very low-risk investment for the long term. These are the FDIC insured up to $250,000 which can be recovered even if the bank collapse. But one thing you need to take care of is to invest the amount that you are sure you will not need during the CDs tenure. The early withdrawal leads to huge losses due to heavy penalties.


6. Retirement plans

Retirement plans are the investments that secure your future and they are tax-free. The amount you get at your retirement is tax-free if you invest in retirement plans. There are many retirement plans offered by different companies. You can choose any one that suits you.

7.  Options

Investors lock in the stock price hoping that market will rise. Options are investing techniques that need to be done with caution.

8.  Annuity

Annuities can become your additional income after retirement. They are low risk but they don’t grow fastly. So, these are the safe options for after retirement income.


9. Cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurrency is becoming a trend these days. There are countless cryptocurrencies where you can invest. Investors use cryptocurrencies to diversify their investment portfolios. You can buy or sell them at a cryptocurrency exchange.

10. Commodities

These are physical products that you can invest in. These include Metals, Agriculture, Livestock, and Energy.


There are endless investment options, you must choose which fulfills your purpose. The above-listed investment options are the most safest and highly profitable.


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