5 Seasonal Jobs That Pays $15 per Hour or More With Benefits

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5 Seasonal Jobs That Pays $15 per Hour or More With Benefits

Author: Julius Grant

Seasonal positions are commonly offered during the holiday season and winter. While seasonal jobs sound like fewer opportunities to gain, it is the opposite. There are seasonal jobs that pay $15 per hour or more while also providing additional benefits at the same time. 

Besides that, seasonal jobs are a great starter when familiarizing work ethics and gaining experience in preparation for a full-time career. In particular, seasonal jobs are more suitable for students or people who need flexible working hours. When it comes to overtime and full-time opportunities with benefits, seasonal jobs can help.

From the mentioned benefits above, having a seasonal job can be a great opportunity, even if you want to pass time or do something worthwhile. 


If you think seasonal jobs can be highly beneficial for you, check out some popular companies that pay $15 per hour or more with great benefits.

5 Companies that hire seasonal workers and pay $15 per hour or more

1. Walmart 

On average, Walmart hires about 150,000 seasonal workers. The average pay starts at nearly $17 per hour and can go up to $34 per hour, depending on the position. Walmart is also open to transitioning seasonal workers into full-time roles. In fact, there are additional benefits included in transition, such as paid time off, no-cost counseling, and more. 

2. Teletech

Teletech is an ideal company that employs seasonal workers for work-from-home assistant positions and customer service representatives. Commonly, the seasonal jobs circle around troubleshooting orders and e-commerce retailers’ tracks. At the same time, the company also provides tech support throughout the holidays. Therefore, a workforce is needed during a particular time. As for the pay, it starts at $18 per hour and can increase afterward. 


3. FedEx

During the holiday season, FedEx hires thousands of workers as packagers and drivers. There are also seasonal jobs for data science and IT roles. 

In short, FedEx hires people with great computer skills or handling experience. The wage starts at $19.50 per hour at any shift time. Some positions also come with additional incentives. 

4. Target

With thousands of stores, Target regularly has openings for inventory management, logistics, food services, and sales positions. Besides the pay of $15 per hour (or more in selected areas), Target seasonal employees can also enjoy discounts on their purchases as part of additional incentives. On top of that, the company offers free mental health access during employment. 


5. UPS

If your skills fit in driving and package handling, applying to UPS during the holiday rush will increase your chance of being hired. Having the rush period makes the hiring process fast and easy. As for the pay, it can be between $15 and $22 per hour. 

The good news for people who want to earn more at UPS is that the company offers an Earn and Learn program that can increase your wage.

Final Thoughts

The companies mentioned in this article have job roles to offer during a particular time when they need more workforce than usual, mostly during the festive seasons. It means that skill, interest, and past experience are crucial in choosing the most suitable seasonal job. One thing is for sure with seasonal jobs; they are a great path to improving skills, advancing careers, and securing better permanent positions in the future. 


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