7 tips that to help you stick to your Budget

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For many people it is quite a challenge to stick to a budget. If for you too, sticking to your budget seems like an almost impossible task, rejoice as I want you to know that there are ways to stretch your budget and enjoy a quality lifestyle.

Some budgets will work very well for your lifestyle and others will not. When you discover that one strategy or technique doesn’t work, there will always be another that does work, which can lead to the financial freedom you want.

Consider the following tips to help you stay within your Family Budget:
Hide your credit cards. Something I do is freeze them in water in a zip-lock bag and only break the ice in an emergency. It’s so easy to forget the true cost of things when we just slip on our little suit. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t freeze them in a bag. I recommend that you at least hide them in a place that is difficult to access.


The envelope technique. Take several envelopes and mark each one with an expense category and enter the monthly budgeted amount for each category in the corresponding envelope. It’s easier to stick to a budget when your spending money is pre-allocated and out of reach.

Use only Cash. It will help you see the true value of what you are spending. If you don’t like carrying money, you can use a debit card. Just remember to use one of the ones that won’t allow you to be overdrawn.


Make cuts. Believe it or not, there are many ways to cut your expenses without feeling the difference in your life. Call your cable television company or your phone company or your cell phone company in order to reduce the plans you are paying for today.

Go to the supermarket. There are certain items that some people decide to include in their budgets while others simply don’t consider them. The supermarket list is something that everyone shares. Analyze how much you spend each week at the supermarket and calculate the monthly average. Now plan to lower that average next month.


Budget to splurge. Every now and then you deserve to treat yourself in a special way while staying within your budget. Although you cannot afford it very often, you can save a certain amount of money to give yourself a special treatment. It can be something you’ve always wanted or just use that money to get out of your city or go to the theater. The point is, if you’ve budgeted it won’t shock you when the statement arrives.

Homemade gifts. Throughout the year there are many parties, birthdays and celebrations in which you are expected to give something away. If you are taking care to stay within budget, do not forget that you can make these gifts yourself at home. These gifts will be more meaningful than anything you have ever bought. How they say out there will be “Priceless”


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