Avian Flu: Turkey Will Be Scarce During Thanksgiving

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Author: Zoe George

This year can be challenging to find the exact bird you want due to the avian flu, inflation, and supply problems. Thanksgiving in 2022 is going to be difficult because of the turkey. The main dish for the holiday meal will be more expensive and difficult to find than ever.

For a very long time, turkey supplies have been scarce. After the price of turkey fell in 2019, producers started reducing the number of birds they raised. Then the epidemic struck, significantly reducing production. Moreover, the cost of turkeys has increased as a result of inflation. This implies that Thanksgiving dinner may cost more than twice as much as last year.

We’ll now take a closer look at why turkeys will cost so much and be so difficult to find this year.


Avian Flu

The Department of Agriculture and Watt Global Media usually controls the poultry industry. This year, the department estimated that 7.3 million birds, or at least 3.6 percent of the country’s turkey population, have died due to a particularly contagious and persistent virus carried by migrating birds.

Most turkeys in America are bred in huge indoor spaces, some of which have a capacity for millions of birds. Migrating waterfowl that may nest close to poultry facilities is a major source of avian influenza transmission. It spreads fast, mainly through flocks. Thousands of birds must be killed when the virus is found in the flock.

Most of the time, avian flu cases peak around spring migration and then decline as the summer heats. However, the new strain, also referred to as highly pathogenic avian influenza persisted throughout the summer when some flocks were being raised for the holidays. It has expanded to 42 states, and this number continues to grow as Thanksgiving draws near. This week, there were other outbreaks reported, this time in flocks of turkeys in Pennsylvania and Utah.



Many anticipate that prices will rise more and more in the upcoming weeks. Thanksgiving’s most popular bird had a wholesale price of $1.85 per pound on Wednesday, which is approximately 40 cents more than the previous year. It cost 90 cents in 2019.

It’s unclear exactly what it means for customers. The weekly turkey report from the agricultural department states that the average sale price for a frozen turkey this week is $1.99 per pound. That is an increase of 73% from 2021.


But the cost of a turkey might vary a lot. Holiday specials, which frequently included cheap or free turkeys to entice customers, are just now starting to be announced by supermarkets.

Those who purchase fresh turkeys have a lower chance of getting a certain size and kind of bird for a good price. According to the consumer data company Numerator, this accounted for around 30% of Thanksgiving purchases. In November, fresh whole turkeys account for about 80% of sales.

Final Words

Thanksgiving has become a holiday tradition for millions of Americans. The turkey dinner is a quintessential part of the American holiday season. Prices for turkeys have risen a lot this year due to some reasons, such as avian flu and inflation. Thanksgiving in 2022 will be a real challenge for many people looking for where to buy this holiday poultry at a reasonable price.


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