Google Executives Warn Employees About Layoffs: ‘There Will Be Blood On Streets’

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Author: Karissa Bright

Google, the search engine powerhouse, is set to join the list of major technology corporations that have laid off employees. According to some credible sources, Google executives have urged employees to either improve their performance or prepare to quit.

According to an insider, a company-wide communication delivered to Google employees stated that if the following quarterly profitability did not improve, “there will be blood on the streets.”

Let’s review how this cryptic message translates to Google employees’ layoffs.

What you need to know about Google employee layoffs

Google’s revenue growth slowed to its worst rate in two years in the most recent quarter. 


According to Associated Press, the plethora of new issues confronting the business has already caused the tech-driven Nasdaq composite index to fall by 26 percent this year.

Sundar Pichia, the company’s CEO, warned employees last month that, despite recruiting nearly 10,000 Googlers in the second quarter, the company will moderate its hiring pace for the rest of the year. According to him, Google will prioritize technical and engineering talent. “Like all businesses,” he continued, “we are not immune to economic challenges.”

According to Google, the recruiting freeze announced on Wednesday is part of a broader slowdown to allow teams to prioritize jobs and hiring plans for the remainder of the year. 

However, Google employees are concerned about being dismissed after the corporation extended its hiring moratorium.


Are all Google employees included in Layoffs?

According to sources, Google cloud sales leadership has threatened staff with a comprehensive review of sales productivity and overall performance before the third quarter appraisal. And as a result of this message, all Google employees are afraid of being laid off.

The announcement comes after Alphabet, Google’s parent company, generated lower-than-expected earnings and revenue growth of 13% compared to 62 percent in the same quarter last year, from April to June.

What are the problems with Google employee layoffs and the hiring freeze?

The fact that Google discreetly prolonged its hiring freeze is the main worry for most of its employees regarding layoffs. According to Google’s CEO, the extension responds to employee productivity issues.

A new program dubbed “Simplicity Sprint” was launched by the search engine to aid increase productivity. 


Additionally, the hiring freeze is an effort to encourage staff to work with greater urgency and hunger than they do on days with more sunshine.

Additionally, Google is not the only company that has stopped employing. Meta’s founder, Mark Zuckerburg, has also clarified that the business will let go of workers who don’t meet expectations. Also, this year, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced a hiring freeze, citing a slowdown in sales and growth.


Google does not appear to have begun laying off people, although it may do so if the subsequent quarterly earnings do not improve. The search engine giant has prolonged its hiring freeze, which alarms staff who fear for their jobs. Google’s revenue growth has reached its lowest point in the last two years, but many detractors believe this is not the employees’ fault. Many mentioned that inflation and other issues are among the impacting conditions of the IT industry. Some claim that blaming employees for low revenue growth excuses Google to lay off workers.

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