Heated Seats Subscription? It Costs $18/Month

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Author: Mitchell Carter

BMW is currently providing heated seat memberships in several locations across the world. This update is the most recent example of the company’s use of microtransactions for high-end automotive features.

Most people, however, can not understand why a car business would try to extort money from its customers by demanding a monthly fee for a service that should come standard with a car. The company even goes so far as to disable the option for those who refuse to pay.

This post will explain what the new BMW update is all about. 

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 BMW is Selling Subscriptions for Heated Seats?

BMW recently released a significant software update, Operating System 7, which enabled a slew of car feature enhancements. 


As a result, the upgrade increased BMW’s revenue stream potential by expanding the possibility of microtransactions connected to features they believed they could charge users a monthly subscription to access.

The adjustable M suspension, simulated exhaust sounds, and heated seats are among the features that are updated in Operating System 7. 

On the other hand, customers in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and South Africa were not pleased with the upgrade and its impact on the heated seat.

How much does the BMW Heated Seat Subscription Cost?

The monthly subscription for the heated seats could range from $18 monthly, to $180 annually, or $300 for three years, according to the automaker. 


Customers can also purchase unlimited access for $420. It is also unclear when or in which countries BMW began offering this feature as a subscription. According to accounts, it was first launched in South Korea.

Is the Heated Seat Subscription Available in the U.S?

The heated seat subscription is not yet available in the United States, despite BMW gradually tying features to subscriptions since 2020. However, it is accessible in countries like South Africa, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

There is reportedly no information on the automotive manufacturer’s launch date for this new upgrade in the United States. 

It’s also not surprising that BMW isn’t making a big deal out of the revelation, given the company’s criticism since announcing in 2020 that their vehicles would support microtransactions.

Customer Complaints

Even though customers continue to complain about this update, with some accusing the corporation of being selfish and exploitative, BMW does not appear to be making any changes.


It’s also worth noting that automakers have always charged customers for high-end amenities, but the dynamic changes dramatically when software, rather than hardware, is the limiting factor. 

In the instance of heated seats, buyers already have all of the essential components, but BMW has placed a software block on their functionality, forcing them to pay to remove the barrier.


BMW has launched a new upgrade that enables microtransactions, which means they can now charge customers for features they believe customers should pay a monthly membership for. However, many people are unhappy with the new update. While the latest update is not currently available in the United States, it is available in nations throughout Europe and may become available in the country shortly.

Do you think think this services is a luxury or a necessity.


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