How to buy stocks online for free?

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Investing is one of the conventional methods of earning some interest. Technology these days made it easier to invest just by a click. However, investing and owning stock in a growing company doesn’t sound easy. Companies do charge fees to buy stocks and ETFs online. But how about getting those stocks for free! Yes, you read it right. It is possible to buy stocks online for free. Many companies and investment apps offer free stock to attract people to try their services.

In this article, you can learn about many companies that allow you to buy stocks online for free.

How to buy free online stocks

Some of the websites and app for buying free stocks are given below-

This is a popular investing app that has unique features for its users. Here, you can connect with many new people and share insight with your friends. They have a chat feature where you can talk to the executives of trading companies. is a very user-friendly website and beneficial for people who want to learn about investing.


How to buy stock from for free-

You have to sign up for your account, which takes just a couple of minutes. You will get stock worth up to $70 from any company of your choice. You can also refer this to your friend to earn some bonus.

M1 Finance

M1 Finance is an investing platform that offers automated investment. It allows you to invest in stocks and ETFs for free. It also offers to buy fractional shares in which you buy only half of the shares.

They also offer a custodial account for the children. They have no commission and trading fee.

How to buy stock from M1 Finance for free-

You have to sign up for your account to get a bonus of $ 30. This $30 can be used to buy the stock of your choice. You can also share it with your colleague to earn $30 as a bonus.



Robinhood is a trading app that is very easy to use. It allows people to trade stocks and ETFs for free. It has easy and unique features that help new investors invest in stocks. It also allows you to trade in crypto currencies.

It is an excellent option for beginners because they can make small and fractional investments. It offers you a free stock when you sign-up for Robinhood.

How to buy stock from Robinhood for free-

It provides free stock on signup. The account gets approved in 24 hrs and gives you a free stock of $2.50 – $200.



Webull is an online trading app that provides you option to buy free stocks and ETFs. It is an excellent option for the investor because setting up an account at Webull is free of cost with no minimum limit. They provide 24/7 online chat services.

Webull also trades options and crypto. You can buy stocks for free at Webull. It does not provide a fractional share to buy, so; you have to buy an entire share. They have in-depth analysis, tools, and reports that help the investor invest wisely.

How to buy stock from Webull for free-

Webull offers free stock for its new users. You need to sign up for an account and get free stocks of your choice.


Investment is very beneficial to everyone. It cost lots of fees to invest in stocks. Beginners having no experience find it very difficult to invest in the right place with lots of money. They might suffer by losing all those money. Buying stock for free helps beginners to understand the concept of Investment. Above mentioned options can help you buy stock for free and earn a Bonus and Interest with it.


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