How To Earn Money Without A Job

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Do you want to make some money if you don’t have a job? Is that a legitimate job? By “real” job, we mean a Monday-through-Friday desk job.

You can’t survive with no money until you play the lottery or get wealth. However, you may be able to supplement your fixed salary with even more casual side jobs and earnings.

Whether you’re unemployed, disabled, a stay-at-home parent, retired, or want to supplement your income, here are some examples of how actual individuals have produced money without having a traditional job.

Top  ways to make money without a job

Some of these concepts are web-based, so you can work from wherever you like. Others may necessitate abilities or the presence of a specific location. You may build on these ideas to come up with even more ways to make money without working.

  •         Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is one of the simplest ways to supplement your income. In addition, many businesses seek user feedback to enhance or develop new products.


Survey websites can be hired by the brands to conduct online quizzes on their behalf and give them access to valuable client input. In turn, the websites compensate you for taking part in their surveys. Join many survey sites to optimize your access to chances if you want to make money.

  •          Checking Websites

Many companies hire employees to assess their websites for functioning and usability. Thankfully, getting started with website testing is simple. Sign up for a free account on sites like Enroll or User Testing. For each finished and accepted 20-minute test, the latter pays $10.

  •          Make Money By Watching Videos

You don’t have to be a movie critic to make money viewing videos. Swagbucks, for example, asks you to watch and “like” various videos. Swagbucks earned in the processed, which can be redeemed for gift cards.

  • Use Data-Collecting Mobile Apps

Market research includes gathering information about shopping trends and behaviors. Apps like Savvy Connect and Mobil expression reward you for sharing information on your purchasing history and mobile network usage.

  •          Renting Out Your Real Assets

Make the items you don’t use work for you, whether it’s a barbecue, camping gear, or anything else. Loanables, for instance, enables people to rent everything to anyone for a return.

  •          Volunteer to be a poll worker

Don’t simply vote on Election Day; earn money as well. Many communities require election officers, particularly bilingual ones. Although the periods are lengthy, the money is decent for a day’s work. Election judges can make over $100 on Election Day, though rates vary.

  •          Become a freelance writer

Do you like to write? Perhaps you used to run a blog or want to constantly correct your friends’ spelling errors when they text you. If yes, you might want to consider working as a freelance writer.


Since it is profitable and convenient, freelancing is one of the best sources of revenue without a job. The median salary of the freelance writer is $67,120 annually, or $32.27 per hour, according to the Labor statistics.

To get out, you don’t use a Language or journalist degree. Through Twitter and job sites like Indeed, you may indeed find companies looking for writers. Plus, as a freelancer, you get to establish your hours and choose whom you want to work with.



So, with a little research and imagination, it’s simple to come up with ways to make money without working. There’s something for everyone options on the market, including animal sitting via blogging service to trading old stuff. So say goodbye to working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and welcome to a flexible schedule doing something you enjoy.


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