How to Get Free and Discounted Items from Walmart

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Author: David Phineas

Is Walmart one of your preferred shopping venues? It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most prominent merchants, given the variety of goods it sells and the unbelievable costs. 

Walmart frequently has some of the most affordable pricing when it comes to anything from food to clothing to gadgets and more. 

So, given that there is already such low pricing, is it still feasible to receive freebies?

Like any other well-known retailer, Walmart hopes to keep customers satisfied and returning for more. 

This article will walk you through how to get free and discounted items from Walmart.


5 Ways to Get Free and Discounted Items from Walmart

1. Get Free Samples at Walmart While Shopping In-Store

Walmart occasionally permits some vendors to sample items most especially in the food area. 

Free samples are intended to introduce consumers to new items while marketing them. Walmart partners with numerous businesses to offer a variety of samples to boost sales. If you don’t see any free samples while you shop, you may ask customer support when samplers will be coming to your neighborhood store.

2. Look for Expired Items at Walmart

Walmart operates under the “fresh or free” philosophy. Therefore, if you begin shopping as early as the store opens, you might be able to locate some items that have expired. Walmart will offer you a similar bundle for free if you present an expired item at the counter. Walmart cannot sell you the expired product due to public health concerns.


3. Follow Walmart on Social Media

This advice applies to several other stores besides Walmart. You can quickly access many of your top companies’ newest offers, discounts, and freebies when you follow them on social media. Typically, websites, social media profiles, and email newsletters are where retailers first announce their offers.

You can follow them on the following social media platforms:

Pay attention to the posts. Being a devoted follower can provide you the chance to score a free sample or coupons for a freebie.

4. Sign Up for Walmart’s Freebies

It’s important to know that Walmart’s free internet samples may come with offers. However, the subscription can be canceled at any moment after signing up. To stop getting freebies from Walmart, you must cancel the subscription. 

Check every freebie item’s “Terms & Conditions” box before subscribing. Any pertinent details about your giveaway that you should be aware of will be made clear to you. 


5. Purchase Refurbished Tech Devices

By buying refurbished goods, you won’t necessarily get anything for free from Walmart, but you will be able to get great deals on the newest technology like TVs and PCs.

Gently used things that have been professionally repaired and refurbished are what Walmart sells at a discounted price in this section.


Checking frequently and being early are the keys to obtaining free samples from Walmart. This is valid for both in-store and online offerings. Be aware that there may not always be enough of these free samples. Therefore, you should be sure to claim your free items before they are finished. 



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