How to invest in gold?

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History has taught us that gold is a practically eternal resource that
helps preserve heritage. In addition, its high demand and its high value
they have made it the preferred among other forms of investment. In accordance with
the World Gold Council, the gold purchase indices
by the Central Bank reached their 50-year high point in 2018, while
that the financial crisis remained the main concern of experts in
finance. The purchase of gold was so successful that its price broke the record in the
Most currencies and 72 nations confirmed all-time highs.

Demand for investment gold rose 4% last year. Despite the slowdown
of the Chinese economy due to the pressure to export to the United States, the demand
of gold in China remained stable even in previous years, while the
Demand in other areas such as the UK and Southeast Asia increased 12%.

With the entry of 2019, the price of gold has risen steadily: $ 99 in
the last 6 months. Demand is high and investor interest in companies
of gold extraction remains firm, considering that they are currently
carrying out various corporate mergers. As we have indicated in our section
From Annual Gold Price Predictions, the expectation is that gold will continue
bringing in profit this year. Demand for gold last year was based on the slowdown
of the economy and trade restrictions, which together with its conception as investment
stable and secure have made it a very attractive resource to diversify portfolios
securities and cushion the risk of losses.

Taking into account the uncertainty arising from Brexit, the poor performance of the economy
in the Eurozone and the ongoing trade conflict between the US and China, many are
They ask: will it be the ideal time to invest in gold?

How to buy gold?

This guide includes essential information for all types of investors, whether it is their first
investment as if you have experience in this market. In it you will find advice
about buying gold bars and coins, reasons to invest, information
on where to buy and how to store gold.


In addition, in the guide we mention topics such as: bullion or coins? Gold or silver?
taxes applied to the sale of gold and benefits from the possession of physical gold in
place of digital gold or exchange traded funds.

Why invest in gold?

To know if gold is a good investment, it is important to understand why people decide
buy. In times of uncertainty and economic instability, the purchase of gold has more
sense that the purchase of other resources. Trusting the banking system and the economy
continue with the current historical slump, investment gold could be the best
way to insure part of your portfolio.

Currently the demand for the famous gold metal is extremely high. Possession of gold
it can be one of the best ways to preserve your wealth and even make a profit
in these uncertain times. We all have the same doubt that has remained present
in our society for centuries: how can I guarantee the protection of my savings? And every
more and more people keep opting for the oldest answer: GOLD.


Why buy physical gold? Physical gold or exchange traded funds?

How to Invest in Gold Bullion – Gold Bars

There are many benefits of acquiring physical gold compared to purchasing
digital gold or exchange traded funds (ETFs). In these times of unpredictable economy,
bank instability, low interest rates, disappointing money markets, stocks
volatile and repetitive series of money issues, gold offers comforting protection
against these turbulences.

However, this is not the case with all types of investment gold, but specifically with gold.
physical. Physical gold is an eternal resource that will always have value and will survive the test of time.
Possession of physical gold coins or bars gives you ultimate control and insurance over
your assets against the financial crisis and an economy that does not offer returns.

Where to buy gold?

Before taking the step of buying gold online, it is very important that you fully and independently inform yourself about the dealer you are buying from. The best tool to turn to for this is the internet, as you will find unbiased information on different experiences, opinions and recommendations from millions of people around the world. It may sound obvious, but why not start with a simple Google search using the dealer’s name? The Internet is the largest open forum in the world over which companies have no control. If a distributor does not have a good reputation online, this will be reflected quickly on the web and therefore such a company should be avoided at all costs.


When to invest in gold?

Looking at the history of the price of gold, in hindsight it is easy to deduce that the years 2005/2006 were the ideal time to buy investment gold. During this period, the price remained around 250 pounds per ounce, followed by a steady rise until the banking crisis of 2007/2008, when it again hovered above 350 pounds per ounce. Today many people wonder if it is too late to invest in gold and if the price will continue to rise.

Unfortunately we cannot know for sure when would be the best time to buy, but there are a large number of effective techniques and indicators that many successful investors apply when investing.


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