6 Keys to Starting Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency

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Author: Steve Geoffrey

Have you considered how to start a digital marketing agency but don’t know where to begin? Well, look no further.

This article will walk you through the process of starting and managing a digital marketing agency.

How to start a digital marketing agency

Below are the steps involved in building your digital marketing agency:


1. Develop a Business Plan and List your Services

Start by developing a business plan. This includes defining your niche or target market, branding, listing your services, choosing price, etc. 

2. Find a Niche

You can specialize in a niche to make your digital marketing agency more appealing to clients looking for experts in their niche. You can specialize in a specific niche or multiple niches at once. For example, you may focus on B2B companies, e-commerce stores, or both. Also, you can narrow down your agency services to web designing, lead generation, or SEO.

3. Acquire Clients

Client acquisition is another crucial factor that can determine the success of your digital marketing agency.  You should prioritize building a client base, investing, and growing your brand. To find your ideal client, utilize advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Furthermore, software like SpyFu and Ubersuggest are great to monitor your potential clients’ Ad activities. 


4. Impress Clients 

After getting clients, you should try your possible best to impress them with your skills and services. This is a crucial step because the success of your brand depends on word of mouth from your customers. A client will never recommend your agency to another person or business if they had a horrible experience working with you. 

To hasten your growth, ensure your digital marketing agency consistently delivers outstanding results. You can even add bonus packages to persuade clients and get good reviews from them. Moving forward, ensure you do not promise what you can not deliver to avoid bad reviews. 

5. Build a Team or Outsource

Many digital agencies start with a few people or even one person. However, you can try to build a team or outsource tasks as your agency workload grows. Also, focus on high-value tasks while delegating low-revenue work to employees or freelancers. This allows you to manage high-revenue tasks properly while keeping the low ones at their peak.


Furthermore, concentrating on your area of expertise can help you manage your projects properly. If you are good at content marketing and SEO, you can focus on the projects in this category and let your team members handle other tasks. 

6. Monitor and Improve your Work Processes

Now that your digital marketing agency is up and running, you can focus more on business management and optimizing the processes involved in running the agency. For example, you may decide to start using project management tools (like Asana and Notion) to manage your team members and projects. 

Final Thoughts 

Starting your agency may be a little overwhelming especially when you have limited resources and staff. But with proper planning and management, you can develop a successful digital marketing agency in no time. 


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