How to Write A Persuasive Project Proposal

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Author: Nelli Clarkson

One of the most crucial things you can do to get started and win more contracts is to develop an excellent project proposal. This paper will be crucial in persuading clients to award your their project.

Here are some pointers on how to write a compelling project proposal that will land you your desired contract or job.


What is the idea of a project proposal?

A project proposal is a document sent by Business A to Business B that explains why they are the best contender for the job that Business B requires. 

Businesses that want to award a huge contract or project usually issue an RFP, or “request for proposal.” Business B issue a formal request, and Business A prepares and presents its proposal. It is evaluated alongside other proposals submitted by competitors, and a winner is selected.


Things to consider when writing a project proposal

While the requirement of a business project proposal varies based on the project, client, and area; every proposal should cover these three essential points:

  • Problem statement
  • Proposed solution
  • Pricing information

Proposal Writing Format

Here’s an example of an outline you can use. 


Keep in mind that it is not important to include all these steps depending on the business and deal you wish to close

  1.  Title. The title page of your proposal should include your name, the name of your company, the name of the company and person to whom you’re presenting the proposal, and the date you’re submitting it.
  2. Background and description of the problem. This is the stage to describe the problem(s) in detail.
  3. Objectives, goals, and scope. Here, you can describe how you want to solve their problem, including the actions you will take and the resources you’ll use. If they opt to hire you, this is where you may spell out exactly how you’ll execute your job.
  4. Qualifications. This is a section to explain why you are the best candidate for the job. Include details of your diploma certifications and other professional or related qualifications you have. Awards you’ve received, and anything else you think would help your case.
  5. Requirements and timeline. It could just be a list of deliverables with a deadline, or it could be a thorough plan outlining what will be delivered, on what date, and when you’ll meet to give a report. 
  6. Project Budget. This is where you’ll put your “price information”, as well as information on how you’ll receive payment.
  7. Next steps, benefits, and appendix. You may need to give final extra information depending on your proposal and the area you work in. List any key individuals who have approved or supported the project here, along with their contact information.


A detailed and persuasive proposal can help you gain your potential client’s confidence and respect, which in turn can increase your chances of getting hired. Study and practically implement the hint in this article to make your proposal stand out from the crowd. 


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