Man Gets so Angry at Comcast that He Built his own ISP, Expanding it to Hundreds of Homes

Jared Mauch took his shot at building a fiber-to-the-home Internet provider. Now, expanding with $2.6 million in government money.

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Man gets so mad at Comcast that he built his own ISP, expanding it to hundreds of homes

Author: Everleigh Connely

Undeniably, many of us just pay to get what we want, even if we think the cost will be too expensive. However, Jared Mauch is different, and that’s why he now has his own .ISP and is ready to expand it to hundreds of homes. 

As a skilled and experienced senior network architect, Jared Mauch gambled with his expertise when he had enough of Comcast. The company asked him to pay $50,000 as a cost for extending its network to reach Mauch’s rural abode in Michigan.

Furious, Jared Mauch took the matter into his own hands and did what many think as just madness: starting his own rural internet service provider. However, it was a success as Mauch signed a $2.6 million contract with the federal government last May.

Mauch’s rural internet service venture

Without a doubt, rural areas are not the priority for most internet service providers, such as AT&T and Comcast. This is why AT&T only offers 1.5Mbps speed for Jared Mauch’s rural home, while Comcast charges an astonishing $50,000. 


Well, Jared Mauch’s ISP venture would not have been possible because he would have agreed to Comcast only if it just charged a fee of $10,000. To the senior network architect’s dismay, Comcast wanted five times the amount he expected as the cost of bringing internet service to rural areas.

Being well aware of the result, it was a blessing in disguise that Jared Mauch got so frustrated with Comcast before. 

That disappointment with an internet service provider led him to have his own. As already mentioned above, he eventually managed to sign a $2.6 million contract with the federal government. 


Jared Mauch’s saga is pretty much about helping people not to experience the same problem he had. That’s why we focus his effort on bringing the internet to the most underserved areas of the country. As a matter of fact, his ISP is even doing what other big companies failed to do. 

Currently, Mauch’s internet service has already reached around 14 miles of fiber. With the federal government’s support, Mauch is bound to stretch the coverage by another 38 miles, primarily in the local Washtenaw County.

With the extension of coverage, over 3,000 households in the area can connect to Mauch’s internet, according to a press release. As for the cost, it will be roughly $55 a month for 100 megabits down, which is more than what major internet service providers can offer.

Furthermore, $79 monthly is the price for gigabit internet. Both services have unlimited data. What’s more, the government can even lower the cost by $30 a month for eligible households.



Back then, Jared Mauch only wanted to have the internet in his own rural abode in Michigan. Yet, the 000frustration he felt with Comcast led him to something amazing. According to Mauch himself, he became known as the “fiber cable guy” to his neighbors. 

In his historic partnership with the federal government, he said that hundreds of households had access to high-speed broadband internet. Logically speaking, that’s not some imaginable result of action because of madness and frustration

Jared Mauch’s success story is not something relatable because not everyone has the means and skills to do it. However, it is something that many can learn from. That reality can be changed if we just take action. 


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