Sacred Rose Music Festival in Chicago is Canceled Due to Bad Weather

The rocky and destructive weather in Chicago and parts of Northern Illinois is expected to come on Monday, making music lovers miss the festival

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Sacred Rose Music Festival in Chicago is Canceled Due to Bad Weather

Author: Everleigh Connely

With the constant monitoring of the weather, it was predicted that Chicago and Northeastern Illinois would see bad weather on Monday. To be specific, there will be frequent lightning and destructive wind that can go up to 75mph. 

This kind of bad weather made headlines, especially since the storm also made a lot of music lovers’ hearts break by pushing the cancellation of the Sacred Rose music festival. 

Keep reading to know more about the upcoming storm that will hit Chicago and other nearby towns north of I-80.

National Weather Service’s update on the storm

Without any doubt, a storm is always a piece of bad news to anyone, especially on how destructive it can be. 

In the case of the storm at almost a similar time to the Sacred Rose music festival, it is more than a piece of bad news since it was the very reason for the music festival’s cancellation. 


According to the National Weather Service update, Chicago and other nearby towns north of I-80 will suffer more from wind gusts greater than 75 miles per hour. 

At the same time, those places will also need to prepare for the frequent lightning that comes with the storm. 

Besides the destructive wind and lightning, meteorologists also reported that they expect damaging hail. 

Unfortunately, alongside the damaging hail is the risk of flash flooding. The reason for that is that the cold front comes in from Iowa. That’s why the towns south of I-80 in northeastern Illinois and northwestern Indiana are also likely to experience the severe effects of the storm during the 4pm to 9pm timeframe. 


Truly, people must be careful, especially since the chance of experiencing one or two tornadoes still cannot be ruled out due to the storm’s severity. 

What’s more, the storm can be more dangerous based on the data on consistent weather monitoring. 

Fortunately, the destructive wind gusts can even go worse and top off around 80 miles per hour. 

The Sacred Rose music festival’s cancellation 

Supposedly, the Sacred Rose music festival will be celebrated in Bridgeview. What’s interesting about it is that it has been canceled twice, even before the unfortunate cancellation. 

This proves that the organizers really want to pursue the festival. 


It didn’t happen because there was lightning that struck nearby, leaving the organizers with no choice but to call off the festival. 

At the same time, headline sets from major alternative artists, including Kamasi Washington and Khruangbin, are also canceled. 

The festival organizers posted on Twitter that they want to continue the fun of the festival, but the safety of everyone, including the fans, artists, and producers, is the highest priority. 


Even though the storm and the Sacred Rose music festival cancellation are bad news to many, there are still things to look out for. Thankfully, there will be no rain in the upcoming days, according to the forecast. The good news is that there will be plenty of sunshine to enjoy.  As for music lovers, they can look forward to the fun of next weekend’s Chicago Jazz Fest.


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