Seasonal Jobs That Pays $15 per Hour With Benefits

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Author: Mike Ross

Are you looking for seasonal jobs that pay $15 per hour or more with benefits?

Many seasonal jobs out there pay well and offer great benefits. The problem is finding them. Today, we will be reviewing seasonal positions that pay $15 per hour or more.

Companies that Pay $15 an Hour

  • Amazon: The company raised its beginning hourly salary from $15 to $20. Even as an entry-level employee, you can be making a sustainable income. For example, the regular starting salary at Amazon Delivery Station Warehouse Associate is $17. 
  • Target pays $15 per hour. Target employees’ minimum salary is $20. It is effortless to submit your resume online.
  • Wayfair: This company announced an increase in its minimum pay to $15 per hour. For instance, a customer service consultant earn $16 per hour. You can check the application requirements here.
  • Starbucks: Recently, the company announced plans to enhance working requirements and pay system so that all hourly wage employees can earn $15 to $23 per hour, depending on the coffee shop locations.
  • Google is the world’s biggest company, with numerous high-paying jobs. According to recent data, the internet giant pays a minimum of $15 per hour to temporary workers in the United States.
  • Best Buy is an international electronics retailer that pays $15 an hour. Are you looking for work? Best Buy is always looking for new employees! Their jobs provide flexible hours, tuition reimbursement, employee discounts, a fantastic culture, and more!

If you’re concerned about completing the qualifications for the organizations listed above, know that you can get a job paying $15 per hour without background. Many positions are entry-level, meaning no advanced education or certification is required. Moreover, its jobs are often adaptable, allowing you to work across industries.


Data Entry Operator 

The average hourly wage is $18.

The primary tasks of a data entry operator include acquiring, processing, or organizing data using data input equipment such as desktops, office equipment, or scanners.


The average hourly wage is $15.


Housekeepers do various tasks to keep a private residence or business running smoothly. Their key responsibilities are switching bedding, tidying, sweeping floors, and replacing linens. As a preventive step, some cleaning positions may require personnel to experience training before they can begin working.

Warehouse Associate 

The average hourly wage is $15.

Warehouse associates receive, unpack, and pack shipments in a warehouse or fulfillment center. They also keep inventory, control delivery, and supervise other employees. These jobs often have a low entrance barrier, making them ideal for those looking for entry-level positions. However, you must be physically healthy and have excellent communication abilities.


Customer Support Specialist

The average hourly wage is $17.

These personnel conducts support activities to facilitate smooth transactions, such as resolving client inquiries. You can work from everywhere with a good desktop, office software, and remote access capabilities. Before applying for this job, you should have exceptional customer service skills and knowledge of various CRM solutions.


The companies on this listing are actively seeking temp employees. Examine each of them and select the one you like. Suppose you work hard as a seasonal or temporary employee. In that case, you can advance to full-time employment with your chosen company. Remember that there are hidden bonuses that you are entitled to for your seasonal work.


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