Turn Your Car Into A Money Maker

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You may have heard stories about people making quick money with their cars, such as getting paid to drive, and you may believe it is “easier said than done.” That’s where you’d be mistaken! If you own a car, you can make a lot of money quickly, and there are a lot of automobile-related app jobs to pick from.

Here are several terrific methods to transform your automobile into a money-making machine, whether you want to start a new full-time business or just make some extra money on the side.

·        Drive With Lyft

Do you like to earn money in a fun, flexible way while meeting new people? Take a Lyft ride.

The demand for ridesharing has been exploding, with no signs of decreasing. You must be at least 21 years old, have one year of driving experience, pass a background check, and own a car produced in 2007 or later to be eligible.


Paul Pruce, a full-time Lyft driver for over a year, spoke with us. As a driver, he gets $700 each week. The best part is that he does it on his own time. It’s entirely up to you whether you work days, nights, or weekends.

·        Work as a food delivery or pick-up driver.

Using a dedicated app like UberEATS, Door Dash, or Post Mates to deliver food is another popular alternative for drivers wishing to supplement their income.

While you don’t need a car to become an associate of one of these apps, owning one makes things easier – and expands your delivery range.


·        Work for a child travel agency

HopSkipDrive, a service formed by three working parents and dedicated to transporting children, is another option similar to Uber and Lyft. Among other requirements specified on their website, “CareDrivers” must be at least 23 years old and have 5 years of childcare experience.

If you don’t reside in a HopSkipDrive served area, you can check for child-transporting job posts on reliable child care provider sites like Care.com.

·        Get Paid to Drive Automobiles

You’ll go to auto lots and act as a possible buyer through a business like Best Mark. So you get to take a car for a test drive, which is cool. It also implies that you will listen to the sales spiel, which is less thrilling. But then you get rewarded for reporting on your experience! Kyle Taylor, our CEO, began his career as an automotive mystery shopper, earning $60 for each dealership visited.


·        Give Hollywood a loan on your car.

You can rent your car to Hollywood for (possibly) a good price. You can loan out your car to the film, television, and commercial sectors by registering it with a service like MovieTimeCars or Cinema Vehicles. If you own a classic or period-specific car, this can be quite beneficial. Set designers are frequently tasked with locating historically appropriate automobiles to be parked in the backdrop of period films.

·        Deliver Packages

If you like the idea of working with deliveries but don’t want to deal with food, consider package delivery. It’s similar to food delivery, but you pick up all of the packages you’ll be distributing at once and then deliver them throughout the day.


Overall, if you already possess a car, you’re in an excellent position to find a simple side job that allows you to earn money while driving. Even if you don’t need the money right now, owning a car allows you to pay off debt, save for retirement, or simply make a place in your budget.


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