10 ways how to make money with a website

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While it is true that when you start creating a web page, you will not see the profits immediately. Therefore, there are different methods that will help you make profits from your website from scratch. From online advertising to the sale of services. Next, we explain the 10 ways on how to make money with a website.

1. One of the main ways is to earn money with advertising on my website

Earning money with advertising on my website is one of the simplest and most popular options. In other words, you will receive a profit by displaying various advertisements on your website. Among them we have the advertisements of Google, Amazon and other platforms, these “banners” or advertisements, are those that you find mostly in different types of web, but especially in digital magazines and blogs. To maximize this benefit, it is essential to place them in more visualized points such as in the header or in the sidebar.

2. You can also earn money with your website by monetizing it with Adsense

Another way in which you will be able to earn money with your website is by monetizing it with Adsense. One of their advantages is that they can generate a commission only when the client clicks on an ad. When using this platform, Google will be in charge of choosing the types of ads according to the theme of your website and your client’s profile.

3. It is important to optimize the income obtained by making money with my website


After having chosen one of the options to earn money with my website, the next step is to optimize the income obtained. To do this, you must take into account the quality of your content, since that way you will be better positioned. The location, format and colors of the advertisements are also important, this in order for the user to view the image as something typical of the website.

4. If you do not know how to earn money from web pages, opt for the sale of advertising space

With the sale of advertising space, you will know how to earn money from web pages. This consists of selling to third parties (advertisers) areas in which they can promote their products and services. Unlike the online broadcast that we mentioned earlier, in this case there is more direct contact with advertisers. Also, in case your website has little traffic, thanks to its good reputation it can be considered very attractive to the client.

5. With affiliate marketing you can earn money with your website

To earn money with your website you can also bet on affiliate marketing. It consists of recommending a product through your website. However, it does not only depend on the user’s click to receive a profit. The affiliate will receive a commission when the customer purchases a product. They are displayed as online ad banners or as simple text links.


6. Another way to know how to make money with my website is with influencer marketing

If you are one of those who wonder how to make money with my website, influencer marketing is one of the options that can be used. Although it is true that it is more used in audiovisual content sites, it manages to connect with your audience by generating an affiliation. You have the facility to place the links in selective places for users.

7. Through the sale of my own products I can earn money with my website

Another way to earn money with my website is through the business of your own products such as digital books or infoproducts. Among the most used we have ebooks, online courses and webinars on specific topics.

8. By selling online services you will know how to make money with your website


To offer online services, the first thing you should do is choose a topic that you handle perfectly, so you will be able to position yourself and you can sell your own online courses. It takes a lot of effort and dedication to not stagnate as a low-profit service. So if you don’t know how to make money with your website, you can opt for this alternative.

9. With the creation of an online store, find out how to make money with a website

Online stores are considered as one of the resources for which we bet in order to generate more sales. One of the aspects that must be taken into account when creating one is to be constant when uploading a product, and you should not forget about the good presentation it requires. This is another option of how to make money with a website.

10. With the use of keywords you will know how to make money with a website

Finally, if you want to make money with a website, it is advisable to use keywords. This method does not serve to monetize directly, however it is an interesting tool that will help position your content in searches. This is how your website will get more traffic and will become an attractive medium for companies seeking to promote themselves. By using keywords, users will easily find your website. One of the best known tools is Google Adwords Keyword Planner.


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