5 ways to earn quick money in your spare time

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Remember that earning money in your free time does not mean making a lot of money or getting rich, but to receive an extra amount for your portfolio. However, some of these ideas can help you build wealth over time. Here are several ways to do it: participating in the sharing economy, selling things online, passive income techniques, and much more.

1. Recommend businesses and answer surveys through Jobs Online

To know how to earn money, you just have to talk about the best businesses in your city on the Internet to earn money, all you have to do is register as a collaborator and that’s it! You can generate extra income from wherever you are.

Remember that you can also help conduct market research for brands by answering surveys. It is very simple and every month you will receive your timely payment via paypal. An ideal option if you want to earn money from wherever you are in: Jobs Online.

2. Become a partner in a direct selling company

The modality of direct sales, marketing networks or multilevel refers to a business model that is formed by a network of independent sellers (also known as distributors), who generate income from the direct sale of products supplied by the companies that own the business. . The products or services that are sold through multilevel companies are very different, but the most widespread are usually those related to health, beauty and nutrition.


The network marketing scheme is perfect if you want to earn extra money in your spare time. In general, there is no limit on the income that can be received, the limit is established by the representative himself based on his expectations.

3. Sell old or used items

One of the quickest ways to earn money is by selling your old books, CDs (yes, there are still people who buy them), and DVDs as well as smartphones, chargers, and video game consoles.

Some of the easiest places to sell your stuff fast are the usual ones. Amazon, Craigslist, or eBay. You can also use platforms like Trendier to sell clothes or Mercado Libre.


4. Do market research

Companies want your opinion and are willing to pay for it. There are a variety of ways you can participate in these types of investigations:

  • UserTesting.com: You offer feedback on apps and websites for up to $ 10 for each test.
  • It can be a mystery shopper: you get paid to visit stores and report your experience. Find options at Market Force, Best Mark, Sinclair Customer Metrics.
  • Join a study group or focus group: companies can pay you to sit down and answer questions as a consumer.
  • Take Digital Surveys: Register your information to answer surveys and you will be contacted when there is one that fits your demographics

6. Sell your time or expertise digitally

Freelance job platforms like Fiverr, JustAnswer, and Upwork vary in range of required experience and pay.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (also known as M Turk) is a micro tasks website, and what is asked does not require much skill, they pay little and only takes a few seconds. To earn money you have to invest time.


In Fiverr you can offer a series of creative services, such as editing or designing a logo, while the Upwork platform is for freelancers and they can build their profiles and sell their services such as content, digital marketing and virtual assistance. After creating your profile, you can bet on job advertisements or wait for clients to come looking for you.

If you already have a specialty, such as plumbing, or are a veterinarian or are specialized in labor law, you can earn very good money selling that experience on existing consulting platforms such as clarity.fm, in which experts earn money for every minute that They talk to their customers, either on the phone or digitally.

Or sell your expertise on JustAnswer, where potential clients ask questions and registered experts (doctors, lawyers, engineers, writers) bet to answer it.


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