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1. Skillshare

His motto is “anyone can teach.” We are not as optimistic as they are but we encourage you to try. To become a Skillshare teacher you just have to register, record your class and upload it.

On the platform you will find help and guidelines to improve your tutorials and thus refine your teaching qualities. The only downside is that, although the platform is currently opening up to have tutorials in other languages, we recommend doing it in English. It is the only way to guarantee more students in your courses and, therefore, more money to charge at the end of the month. Teach the world what you know and want to learn.

2. Domestic

It is the platform. And also in Spanish. The profile of the teachers of the courses is top level. The best of each house. Here, not just anyone. Therefore, to appear on their platforms you have to show that you are a crack in the subject you want to teach and be selected.


It all starts with having a very good portfolio to show off your specialty. When you are convinced, convince them and write to them without fear, you have nothing to lose. Also tell you that, if you are very good, it will be rare that they do not contact you.

3. Crehana

Also in Spanish, but on the other side of the pond. If you can’t help spreading knowledge left and right, build up a good portfolio and try your luck with Crehana. In addition, these little things later adorn the curriculum a lot. This platform already has more than 700 thousand students spread throughout the world. There is nothing!

4. Youtube


As you teach what you can do, why not try your own YouTube channel? This platform is also a great alternative where to demonstrate your skills. As in a blog, the key is to be constant and learn to get involved in the networks. You also have to find your audience and be active answering your students in the comments and on the networks.

You have to have a little patience, but if you follow these two essential keys, the day will come when your channel and your videos will start giving you money. Take a look at the page where YouTube directly explains the different ways you have to monetize your account.

5. Become a blogger

Creating your teaching website or blog could also launch you to fame. The keys for your blog to become profitable are: consistency, upload content often, give SEO a few laps and work hard on the networks to give yourself visibility.


Following those points and others that we give you in this post, you are going to have a successful website or blog.

6. Stamped

A platform very similar to Society6. The difference? In Estampable they only print your designs on textiles and wall papers. If you are a master of the pattern, do not think about it, the mothership has come for you. This can turn into a dream job with which to earn a lot of money.

We leave you the guide so that you have no excuse if you want to be part of his team of designers.


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