Is selling your home to ibuyer a good option

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Thinking about selling your house. But getting stressed out, worrying about how to contact the agents, the customers or you might be having a busy schedule. Try contacting an ibuyer that is the easiest and less time-consuming way out.

What is an ibuyer?

The ‘i’ in iBuyer often stands for ‘instant buyers. The ‘ibuyers’ purchase homes directly from the house owners. The homeowner doesn’t have to list the home, stage it, or do any advertising. Instead, the homeowner just needs to provide the iBuyer the information about the home’s age, condition,  size, and zip code. They will predict and make an offer. Some of the ibuyers sell the house in less than 24 hours.


How does the pricing of iBuyer work

They use automated valuation model software (AVM) to determine what a house is worth. In a traditional sale, a home’s value is calculated by a CATALOGUE looking at similar homes nearby that have been recently sold. This is called a Comparative Market Analysis or pulling comps.


There are two types of pricing that you might get from an iBuyer:

  1. Immediate offer: This is the fastest option, where an iBuyer uses data points from computers to come up with a purchase price without seeing the home. It all gets handled by the algorithm.
  2. Adjusted offer: An iBuyer sends an employee to visit the house in person to match the number they got from the algorithm.

The general way of selling your home to an iBuyer

The process of selling the house to an ibuyer is easy, you just need to follow these steps:

  • You have to request an offer online:  You’ll fill out a short form online with an inquiry about your home’s shape, updates, uniqueness, and conditions. You have to submit photos.
  • You’ll get an offer: The iBuyer will calculate the numbers and give you an offer for your sweet home.
  • This is the deciding time:  Now it is up to you whether you accept or decline the offer. You decide the amount you want to receive and negotiate. If you do, then you will have to sign a purchase and sale contract. You may need to evacuate the house to finalize the offer. You can do this on your own or you can get help from a local real estate agent, to determine whether the offer and terms of the contract are competitive with the open market or not.
  • You may need to get a home assessment:  If your iBuyer requires an in-person home assessment, then an evaluator employed by the iBuyer will come to your house and do an inspection. You’ll get a list of upgradation your property needs, and the final offer from the iBuyer will reflect the cost of those repairs.


Is selling your home to ibuyer a good option

Some of the benefits of having an ibuyer are:


1.   Having less stress

  • iBuying is convenient.
  •  The homeowner doesn’t have to list the home, stage it, or do any marketing or do advertising.
  •  Instead, the homeowner just provides the iBuyer the information about the home’s age, size, condition, and zip code.
  • There will not be a need for you to argue with the buyers or agents.

2.   The sale is quite predictable and easy

  • You will know that you will surely get an offer and you would be able to predict when you will need to move out from the house.
  • You will know when the buyers will come. There will not be a need for you to argue with the buyers or agents.
  •  The ibuyers will make the sale very easy and convenient for you.

3.   Fast sale

  • As soon as you will contact the ibuyer, within 48 hours your house will be sold.
  • The ibuyer will make the offer and within a week you tell him your decision of either accepting or rejecting.

4.   Deal failing risk reduced

  • As soon as you contact the ibuyer, within 3 days he would make a deal with a buyer.
  • This way your workload reduces and in a short period you will get the money.

5.   To have a person that will represent the house

  • As soon as you will upload the details of your house on the site the ibuyer will send his repetitive that will help you with all the deal work and would assist the buyer.
  •  So no longer you would need to attend to the buyers.
  •  All house representing will be done by the representative.


If you find it hard to buy the perfect buyer for your house, you need money urgently or worried about reasonable rate undoubtedly try selling your house to an ibuyer it would the easiest and the most convenient way for a person to sell their house.


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