Top 5 Innovative Customer Reward Programs In America

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Author: Artem Willis

Loyalty programs take various types, ranging from basic reward cards to point-based reward systems. Nevertheless, their primary aim is to make customers loyal.

If you are a regular shopper or an entrepreneur searching for a way to implement an incentive system into your business, this article is for you. 

Today, we’ll look at five loyalty programs that you can take advantage of as an American citizen.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a well-known premium membership service of Amazon. This program has radically transformed the industry. 


Prime members enjoys free two-day delivery on millions of goods, as well as access to Amazon video streaming service. 

Online shopping allows you to shop immediately from your device in the comfort of your own home. With free shipping, it is just as inexpensive as traditional in-store purchasing. Because the benefit of Prime surpasses the yearly charge, almost every Amazon customers opts for the Prime service. 

Uber Rewards

Uber went above and beyond to dominate its industry. They provide a wide range of incentives to meet individual’s special needs. When you sign up for Uber Rewards, you’ll start earning points for every qualified dollar spent on trips and UberEats orders. The points can be converted into Uber Cash Rewards and other perks such as priority pickup and flexible cancellation.

My Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks Rewards. This creative program offers customers free beverages and food when they reach a particular threshold. Customers must order or pay using the Starbucks app to earn loyalty points (or, in Starbucks’ case, loyalty stars). They may then exchange their stars (points) for beverages, snacks, or any Starbucks product.


This program doesn’t not only persuade old and potential customers, but also allows Starbucks to acquire vital behavioral data. 

Starbucks can collect information on all of these patterns, from go-to drink orders to seasonal favorites, allowing them to deliver more appropriate rewards to consumers.

GrubHub For Drivers

With GrubHub, you can take advantage of special discounts and opportunities. Grubhub drivers have access to special discounts and perks just by partnering with Grubhub! All they have to do is to click the reward button and check their email for further information. 


Best Buy Membership Reward

Best Buy, the world’s largest electronics shop, allows its customers to earn points for every purchase. You can earn more points if you pay for your purchase using the Best Buy Card. 

The company recently created personal cards that allow users to earn points with every transaction. Customers who use this card can get $50 cash back on purchases of up to $250. This product, however, is not available to everyone. 

Before you can be a part of the Best Buy personal card users, you must have earned up to 2,500,000 points. This will give you access to exclusive discount mailings, publications, and the ability to participate in private draws. 


Customers are the foundation of every business, and keeping them satisfied requires expanding your operations. Over time, incentive programs have shown to be one of the most effective tools for increasing customer lifetime value and brand loyalty. You can benefit from any of the incentive schemes listed in this post (as a consumer) or incorporate any of them into your business if you own one.


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