Zelle Honest Review

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Author: Aivie Danielson

Because of the restrictions placed on movement during the covid-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in demand for digital payments, and Zelle seems to be one of the best choices to make swift and free transactions. 


How to Open a Zelle Account

  •  Create an Account

To get started, download the Zelle app or your mobile banking app and register with your email address or cell phone number in the United States.

  •  Choose whom you should Pay

Include the recipient’s email address or cell phone number, whichever they choose. You can transfer money to almost anybody you know and trust in the United States as long as they have a phone number or email address. 



Advantages of Using Zelle

  • Transfers are Fast.

As long as the receiver of the money has a phone number and email, you can send money to them via Zelle without any delay or charges. 

  • Free Service

Using Zelle is free. You don’t have to pay any charges to carry out a transaction. 

  • No Third-Party Integration

Almost all the top banks in America support Zelle. This makes it easy to register and transact on Zelle without using any external service or software. 

  • The sanity and ease that comes with a cashless society.

With Zelle, you may transfer money directly from your account to the recipient’s account and the other way around. This is a convenient and safe method of sending money. Compared to other traditional financial operations that require going to the banking all or using the ATM to transact. Additionally, no bank allows users to send money to a recipient via their email address or phone number. 



Cons of Zelle

  • The United States only

 If your business uses international contractors or has customers in several countries, you can not use Zelle unless both the sending and receiving bank accounts are located in the United States.

  • USD only

 Also, note that Zelle transaction is only in U.S. dollars. If your business requires other currencies, Zell will not work for you. 

  • Limited payment methods 

With Zelle, you can only transact via lined bank accounts. This means that debit and credit cards are not considered. 



What’s new in Zelle’s Referral Program?

The Zelle referral program aims to persuade users to invite their friends and family members to download the Zelle app by offering them rewards.

If you successfully invite a friend to Zelle, you will a $5 reward and your invitee will receive the same amount as well. To be eligible for the reward, your referrals must use your unique referral code or use your referrer link to register. 


Bottom Line

Zelle has been providing free service to its users without any setbacks. Nevertheless, the platform is quite unsafe for business transactions. If you mistakenly send money to the wrong person or someone you don’t trust, it might be impossible to get a refund. You should only send money with Zelle to people you know and trust, especially when making a purchase. 


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